“Making your eyes look young, will make your entire face appear younger.”
— Dr. Dennis Gross

Younger looking eyes lift the look of your entire face and this is one of Dr. Dennis Gross’s specialties. Here is why: he approaches the eye area as being comprised of different zones, each has its unique concerns. Targeting your individual issue is the key to breath-taking results. Lines and wrinkles by the sides of your eyes can be treated with Botox, injectable fillers, peels and lasers. One may suit your individual needs the best. Under-eye circles or hollowness are caused by different factors, but sometimes both can be repaired with one treatment. And sometimes what you may need is identifying an allergy, changing a lifestyle habit or simply using a new product ingredient.
These are the days of exciting new treatments and one thing is for sure, surgery is no longer the only option!

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What causes puffy eyes, and what can I do to treat them?

Puffiness under the eyes that comes and goes can be the result of water retention. Start by reducing your salt intake—and take a good look at the skin products you’re using around your eyes. Gels have a high water content, which might be contributing to the puffiness. Your best bet might be to use lightweight creams or serums, which absorb quickly. If your puffiness doesn’t go away, don’t hesitate to contact us to book an appointment; there might be another cause of the puffiness that can easily be treated in office.

No matter what I do, I can’t get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. What am I doing wrong?

You may not be doing anything wrong. Dark circles can be hereditary—and can be caused by allergies, exposure to the sun (the sun’s UV rays trigger the production of the skin pigment melanin—which can make this area look darker), and even excessive rubbing. We will assess your eye area and advise you on the most effective treatments to help even out this area’s skin tone.

Do eye creams really work to help prevent aging around the eyes?

Eye creams do help by keeping this delicate area hydrated. (There are no oil glands around the eyes, why using the right moisturizer is key.) It’s the first place to show dryness if your skin is parched. Look for hydrating products that won’t irritate your skin—or your eyes—and apply morning and night. Also be sure to wear large sunglasses whenever you’re outdoors to protect this area from the sun’s aging and damaging UV rays.

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